LaTarsha D. Holden,MBA

From poverty and homelessness, the resilient mother of six children by the age thirty-five decided to defy the odds and enroll into college. It was then that she would begin to reverse the negative cycles and patterns that once held her captive.

She was the host of Global Talk Radio, where she gained a platform to become an advocate speaking on issues that affects people around the world. Accepting the call to ministry in 2005, God began to shift her into a dimension that combined her professional expertise with her gift as an inspirational speaker and teacher. In February 2013, she was ordained in the office of Pastor. As a 10x published author, LaTarsha Holden will utilize her latest published work “How I Re-Built My Life,” as a transformational tool to assist low-income residents, the homeless community and Ged participants in transforming their lives!

With a background in Leadership, she has profound insights about issues that plague our communities and the world around us. She possesses exceptional communicational skills to impact and speak to people at times of hardships or during challenging situations. She recently received a Proclamation from the Atlanta City Council.

Holden has a heart for the people, as she has taught her children the importance of serving. She looks forward to walking this journey with the citizens of District 11, as they work together to make their communities a place where residents are happy to call District 11 home!





"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."   Maya Angelou






"I believe everyday and everywhere peope lives matter!"


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